The Dog Chow Chow Diet: Facts And Advice


Rarely do we pay attention to our dog’s health, but it’s never too late to start. Regular exercise, food, and grooming are all important to provide your dog with the best life possible. If you want to live a richer life with your canine friend, then make sure you’re providing him with healthy food. We’ll walk you through some of the best dog chow chow foods and how you can make sure your pet is eating the healthiest.

Small dog breeds are becoming increasingly popular, with the Maltese leading the way. No wonder the demand for small chow chow dogs has grown so much in recent years. Chow chow dogs are small, smart, and very active and need to fill their day with lots of stimulation and exercise. Again, with so many new dog breeds, it’s a tough choice to know which breed is perfect for you and your family.

History of Dog Chow Chow

Among Chinese dog breeds, the chow chow is possibly the oldest. The breed’s origins go back thousands of years, while it is frequently debated whether the chow chow originated from spitz-type dogs or vice versa.

The chow chow was a canine multi-tasker from the beginning. These canines have a history of serving as sledge pullers, hunters, livestock guardians, and, sadly, supper. The word “chow chow” itself may be derived from the Chinese word “chou,” which means edible. However, most historians believe that the name is derived from the slang word for a curio, and the chow chow is unquestionably an Oriental curio.

The dog chow chow arrived in the Western world in the late 1800s and quickly gained popularity, making it one of the top 10 breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club. In its home country, where many chow chows were eradicated during the cultural revolution, the breed has not survived as well.

Dog Chow Chow Personality & Temperament

There is no doubt that the chow chow has many good qualities. It is why people love them and want to keep them around. They have strong personalities and temperaments. The Chow Chow is a breed that is loyal and friendly towards everyone and is a great hunting companion. Most people would think that they are the perfect companion for their owners.

They are playful, affectionate, and intelligent. Their intelligence makes them very trainable and easy to teach. They are not aggressive towards other animals but are not very social. You should also be sure that they are not around children, since they are protective of their young. Their temperament is friendly, calm, and laid back. Most people will not want to own one, but if you are willing to take a chance, you will love them.

The Dog Chow Chow Diet

Chows, like the majority of dogs, will benefit from balanced food that follows a regular schedule. To ensure your dog maintains a healthy weight, take care not to overfeed. Dog Chow Chow diet should include good quality meats such as chicken and beef. They can also eat fish and other vegetables in a limited way. Many dog chows are overweight due to overfeeding, which is one of the reasons why they become obese. One of the best things you can do for your dog is to feed it a well-balanced diet.

  • Chow Chows historically consumed a predominantly vegetarian diet. Therefore they need a low-protein, high-calcium diet composed primarily of grains and vegetables. While meat can still be eaten, it should be lean and low in fat; acceptable choices are chicken and turkey.
  • A Chow’s diet should also contain healthy, omega-fatty acids (from fish) to support the health of their thick, hairy coats.
  • Ensure your Chow has access to a reliable source of fresh water, particularly during the sweltering summer. Dehydration and hyperthermia will be prevented as a result.

Training & Exercise for Chow Chow

Dogs are intelligent animals, and their size, shape, and physical characteristics mean that they are extremely agile. Because of this, they can learn and understand commands quickly. However, dog chow chow weighs about 45-70 pounds.

Training the stubborn Chow might be difficult. However, Chow Chows are intelligent and quick learners when handled by a patient and skilled person.

Training Tips

Some of the dog chow chow training tips include:

  • Socialization training: The first rule for training Chow chows is to socialize them properly. Socialization is crucial for them to make proper connections with their environment. A dog’s connection to his environment starts when he is born. Socialization training should continue throughout your dog’s lifetime because they can be distrustful of people outside of their own family.
  • Dog behaviour: It is an essential factor in their training. If you want your dog to be obedient and friendly, you should teach him to obey. Some dog breeds will obey you instantly, while others may need to be trained. A dog’s behaviour can be influenced by how you teach it. There are different training techniques used to teach dog behaviour.

These techniques include verbal communication and

reward-based training.

  • Verbal communication: It involves the use of commands that can be spoken and understood by dogs. These commands

usually indicate what a dog must do. Verbal communication should be used to train most behaviours.

  • Reward-based training involves using treats, toys, and other incentives that will make the dog want to perform certain tasks. Reward-based training works best when combined with verbal communication. Dog training takes patience and dedication.

Exercising Tips

Some of the exercise tips include:

  • Chows require relatively little activity for a large dog breed; 40 to 60 minutes per day is typically sufficient. Always include a few walks and some off-leash fun in a safe place.
  • Due to their thick coat, Chows can easily become overheated. When it’s cooler and more comfortable for your dog, exercise should be done earlier in the day and later in the day during the hotter summer months.
  • Chows are poor swimmers due to their thick coats, so keeping them out of the water is better.

Gaming Ideas for Chow Chow

By appealing to their natural hunting instinct, Chow Chows will enjoy playing hunting, herding, and hide-and-seek games. Although, an agility course’s cerebral and physical stimulation will appeal to a Chow Chow. You may try constructing one with ramps, hurdles, tunnels, and balls tied to ropes in a garden or secure outdoor area.

Final Verdict

Our hope you enjoyed our blog about dog chow chow breeds. We are happy to provide our readers with helpful information about different types of dogs, finding the right breed, and caring for your new furry friend. We also give some tips on caring for your dog and being a responsible owner. Thank you for reading. We would love to hear from you!

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